How much for the ape?

Welcome to me and the shapes I can throw.

Josh Brolin broke his shoulder in a motorcycle accident two days after winning the part in this film. In an interview with NOW magazine, he reported thinking as he flew over the car that hit him, “Fucking shit! I really wanted to work with the Coens.” His injury turned out to be non-issue since his character is shot in the shoulder very early in the film.

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Jack : Pop quiz.
Pilot : Go.
Jack : How much I owe you for helping me out ?
Pilot : A gazillion.
Jack : Who’s the major old-school happener ?
Pilot : Piiilot.
Jack : How much longer we a team ?
Pilot : Forever.
Jack : Beep… perfect score, gold star.

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A Tribute to Overcrowded Penalty Boxes


They’re just funny to see…not making fun of the teams because they are all awesome...but penalty boxes with like 12 guys just look like clown cars…

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